Lisa Brandel

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Lisa Brandel is a practicing Catholic attempting to be a saint in training. She has over her life been a writer and artist, but has dedicated her life to teaching whatever she has learned about hope, grief, loss, addiction, healing, the Church, depression, anxiety, and all the lessons of suffering God has taught her. One of her mottos is, “All you need to have hope is to believe that hope is possible.” Without Christ, her life would be impossible. Featured on “The Journey Home” on July 10th of 2017, Lisa joins Jerry to further discuss her conversion story, and what events in her life helped lead her to Rome sweet Home!

Also, it’s with sadness that I mention the loss of one of my cats “Charlie”. Charlie was rescued from a humane society in San Diego, California back in 2012. He was estimated to have been around 6 years old at the time, so if that’s correct he was only around 11 when he passed on November 20th, 2017. Charlie was such a special cat, of course all of our furry friends are super special in our eyes, but he wasn’t just a cat he was my sweet little buddy and my baby. We both understood eachother on a deep level, it was just a couple of days or so before his death that I talked with him for a long time, hugged and kissed him, and cried as I knew he was sick, and I was asking him to please stay and not leave me yet. There was a brief moment where he rested his little head upon my face as I was in tears. We were best buds, how I wish you were still here Charlie, I love you!

Emily Jaminet & Michele Faehnle

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In this episode Jerry is joined by two inspiring Catholic authors and speakers Emily Jaminet, and Michele Faehnle. Michele and Emily both serve on the leadership team of the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference, one of the largest Catholic Women’s Conferences in the country with over 2000 attendees. Michele now serves as its director and Emily coordinates the vendors.  They both enjoy blogging on the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference blog as well as their personal blogs and

In their free time they participate in a many Women’s Bible studies and faith sharing groups, co-chair their Catholic school’s Catholic Identity Committees and give talks on our faith to women’s groups and other organizations. They love their local Catholic radio station, AM820 and enjoy helping in any way they can evangelizing through the airwaves. Emily hosts “Mother’s Moments” a short daily reflection heard on St. Gabriel Catholic Radio AM820 (also streaming live on at 2:55 pm each weekday.


In addition, Jerry pays tribute to the passing of his first nephew Trevor Vick. Trevor passed away unexpectedly in July of 2017, he is greatly missed by all of his family and friends especially his mother Stephanie, his father Don, and his young daughter Aria.

Plot Line & Sinker Part 2

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Back into the archives once again for Part 2 of Plot Line & Sinker. In this discussion from December 21st, 2010, Jerry is joined once again by Ellen Gable Hrkach, and in addition her husband James Hrkach. Both James and Ellen are strong proponents of Natural Family Planning, as well as being teachers on the method.

James & Ellen Hrkach (besides being the proud parents of five adult sons), are also the creators of the Family Life cartoon which illustrates Catholic family life. They are trained in the Theology of the Body so in their spare time, they teach Natural Family Planning for the Couple to Couple League and also lecture at various Marriage Preparation courses.

They both have been certified NFP teachers for the Couple to Couple League since 1984. She’s also an award-winning, bestselling author of five books, an editor, a publisher and a self-publishing book coach. Her newest novel, A Subtle Grace, recently hit #1 in Christian Historical Romance. Ellen lives in Pakenham, Ontario with her husband and sons.

Plot Line & Sinker Part 1

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Back into the archives we go once again, this time back to July 14th, 2010 as Jerry welcomed Ellen Gable Hrkach to the show. This will be part one of a two part show, with part two featuring Ellen along with her husband James discussing Natural Family Planning.

Ellen Hrkach is a freelance writer, author, book coach, editor and publisher living in Pakenham, Ontario, Canada.

Her newest (sixth) book is entitled, Image and Likeness: Literary Reflections on the Theology of the Body.  It’s available both in Print and on Kindle.

Her fifth book is entitled A Subtle Grace and is the second in the O’Donovan Family Series. It was released in 2014  and has been #1 in five different categories (Christian Historical Fiction, Christian Historical Romance, Christian Romance, Religious Historical Fiction and Victorian Historical Romance) for three weeks.

She is also the author of Emily’s Hope (CWG Seal of Approval; Honorable Mention 2006 IPPY Awards) published in 2005, and In Name Only (Gold Medal winner in the 2010 IPPY Awards; Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller in Religious Drama, CWG Seal of Approval) published June 2009. Her third book is entitled Come My Beloved: Inspiring Stories of Catholic Courtship. Her fourth book, a pro-life suspense novel, Stealing Jenny is an Amazon Kindle #1 Bestseller in Religious Drama and Religious Fiction (Suspense). With over 340,000 downloads, it is frequently in the top 100 in Religious Fiction.

Stealing Jenny has been featured on LifeSiteNews.

She works part-time as the Marketing Director for Live the Fast.

She is also a contributor to Catholic Mom and does freelance work for several Catholic magazines and websites. She’s a busy self-publishing book coach and, in the past few years, has assisted 37 authors in getting their books published and/or marketed. Ellen enjoys speaking to Catholic groups on a variety of topics.

Ellen and her husband James (besides being the proud parents of five adult sons), are also the creators of the Family Life cartoon which illustrates Catholic family life. They are trained in the Theology of the Body so in their spare time, they teach Natural Family Planning for the Couple to Couple League and lecture at various Marriage Preparation courses.

Erin Dooley

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Erin R. Dooley is a screenwriter and producer. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, she is now living in Los Angeles working as a producer and writer. She has written, directed, and produced two feature films, a number of shorts, and two web series, as well as a feature documentary called “A Way to Forgiveness”. She talks to Jerry about her journey walking across Spain on the Camino de Santiago as a way to heal and find forgiveness as she dealt with the end of her 12-year marriage. She discusses forgiveness, her faith, and the impact the film is having on people.

“A Way to Forgiveness” website:
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My Message

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Erica DiCarlo Jerry welcomes Erica DiCarlo to the show, visiting The Catholic Revolver for the first time Erica brings a heartwarming story of her past and how it lead her to God, making her the person that she is today.

Erica DiCarlo is a Christian, motivational author/blogger/online radio host and the founder of My Message Ministry- A social media ministry surrounding her blog, My Message which was created in 2011.

Using all major platforms of social media, Erica shares her personal testimony of overcoming drug addiction, depression, abuse, and insecurity by surrendering her life to the Lord. My Message is a compilation of motivational posts which are accompanied by music and illustrations along with Erica’s personal photography. Selected posts have become the contents of Erica’s first devotional, The Vineyard: God’s Favor From Seed To Harvest, which is in the publication process with Thomas Nelson/Westbow Press Publishing and will be in all major bookstores as well as available on all E Reader platforms early next year.

Host of My Message Online Radio, also an extension of her blog , Erica gives her posts and her experiences a voice.

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