Jerry Weber

A Cradle Catholic, and a San Diego County Native, Jerry Weber made his podcasting debut as a guest on the very successful show hosted by Lisa Hendey called “Catholic Moments” in June of 2009. Later that year he was a guest on “Join Team Sarah” and then returned to “Catholic Moments” for another guest visit in December. In 2010 Jerry was a guest numerous times on “Pro-Sarah Radio“.

Feeling called to start a show of his own, Jerry created The Catholic Revolver in early 2010, officially launching the show on March 14th of the same year.

Jerry first noticed Catholic Radio in 2006 when he began listening to “Catholic Answers Live” on the internet. Realizing the benefits of Catholic Radio, it was during this time that the seed was very well planted for Jerry to eventually feel the calling to internet radio/podcasts.

Past online projects included being a Community Leader for the San Diego Padres private fan club on AOL from 2001-2002, as well as being the Community Leader for a Roman Catholic message board in 2003. Also in 2003 he put together “The Kurt Warner Huddle”,  an online fan gathering for Kurt Warner fans. Originally a fan page on Yahoo Groups, “The Kurt Warner Huddle” moved to PlanetRams where it remained until it’s disbanding in 2004. Jerry was also a forum moderator and newsletter contributor during his stay there.

Jerry is a big sports fan, with baseball being his first love. He is a die-hard fan of The San Diego Padres.

Jerry, who at the time never received all of his Sacraments, began attending RCIA in the summer of 2010, he received his First Communion and officially came home on the Easter Vigil of 2011!