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Lisa Brandel

Lisa Brandel is a practicing Catholic attempting to be a saint in training. She has over her life been a writer and artist, but has dedicated her life to teaching whatever she has learned about hope, grief, loss, addiction, healing, the Church, depression, anxiety, and all the lessons of suffering God has taught her. One of her mottos is, “All you need to have hope is to... Read More

Emily Jaminet & Michele Faehnle

In this episode Jerry is joined by two inspiring Catholic authors and speakers Emily Jaminet, and Michele Faehnle. Michele and Emily both serve on the leadership team of the Columbus Catholic Women’s Conference, one of the largest Catholic Women’s Conferences in the country with over 2000 attendees. Michele now serves as its director and Emily coordinates the vendors. ... Read More

Plot Line & Sinker Part 2

Back into the archives once again for Part 2 of Plot Line & Sinker. In this discussion from December 21st, 2010, Jerry is joined once again by Ellen Gable Hrkach, and in addition her husband James Hrkach. Both James and Ellen are strong proponents of Natural Family Planning, as well as being teachers on the method. James & Ellen Hrkach (besides being the proud parents... Read More

Plot Line & Sinker Part 1

Back into the archives we go once again, this time back to July 14th, 2010 as Jerry welcomed Ellen Gable Hrkach to the show. This will be part one of a two part show, with part two featuring Ellen along with her husband James discussing Natural Family Planning. Ellen Hrkach is a freelance writer, author, book coach, editor and publisher living in Pakenham, Ontario, Canada. Her... Read More

Erin Dooley

Erin R. Dooley is a screenwriter and producer. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, she is now living in Los Angeles working as a producer and writer. She has written, directed, and produced two feature films, a number of shorts, and two web series, as well as a feature documentary called “A Way to Forgiveness”. She talks to Jerry about her journey walking... Read More

My Message

Jerry welcomes Erica DiCarlo to the show, visiting The Catholic Revolver for the first time Erica brings a heartwarming story of her past and how it lead her to God, making her the person that she is today. Erica DiCarlo is a Christian, motivational author/blogger/online radio host and the founder of My Message Ministry- A social media ministry surrounding her blog, My Message... Read More

Lisa Hendey

It’s time to hit the archives once again, this time all the way back to July 11th, 2010 when Jerry interviewed well known Catholic Author and Podcast Host Lisa Hendey.  Jerry’s first ever delve into the podcast world actually came as a guest on Lisa’s successful Catholic Moments podcast back in 2009, he returned as a guest later that year and as we know started... Read More

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